How accessible are the ski areas?


The ski areas are amazing feats of engineering in mountainous terrain, but often they do not have very accessible facilities.  Skiers need to be prepared to be challenged to overcome problems with accessibility, such as a lack of accessible toilets and not having access to all areas of the restaurants and mountain huts. The Redpoint [...]

How accessible are the ski areas?2017-09-17T12:05:54+01:00

Are the airport transfers accessible?


Our airport transfers are usually by minibus and you will need to be able to transfer into a regular minibus seat for the duration of the journey, as there is no provision for staying seated in a wheelchair.

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I have a disability, can I come on a ski holiday by myself?


The Adaptive Ski Lessons include assistance from the instructor during the lesson times only.  At other times, the Redpoint Team is happy to assist by arranging transportation or helping with special requests, but because they have other duties and commitments to other guests, it is not possible for them to provide individual support.  If you [...]

I have a disability, can I come on a ski holiday by myself?2017-09-17T11:34:11+01:00

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