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    Guiding and Days OutSki Instruction is exclusively for Redpoint guests with English-speaking instructors. By booking instructors to work exclusively for Redpoint guests and keeping groups small and personal, we can tailor the lessons better to your needs and ability.
    You also get the additional benefit of socializing with other English-speaking Redpoint guests during the lessons. This can be great if the friends you came on holiday with do not ski at the same pace as you do you can often find a new skiing partner within your ski group.
    Ski lessons offered are in small groups of up to 8 people per instructor. For more advanced skiers we recommend private instruction for up to 2 people together to ensure that you progress effectively at your level. Because the lessons are exclusive, this means that places are limited, so it is advisable to pre-book your instruction at the time of booking your holiday, particularly if you are still learning and can't ski on your own if no instruction is available in resort.
    Group Ski Lesson Types:
    Beginner Group Lessons
    1½ hour am and 1½ hour pm - 3 or 5 days.
    In a small group of up to 8 people, your English-speaking instructor will take you from the very basics up to skiing the easy blue runs on the mountain.
    Intermediate Group Lessons
    1½ hours am or pm - 3 or 5 days.
    As you can already ski the easy runs and practice on your own, this gives you time with the instructor to improve your skiing and the rest of the day to practice what you've learnt. Intermediates benefit from being in a group rather than taking individual instruction.
    Advanced Group Lessons
    1½ hours a day - 3 or 5 days.
    If there are enough people of your level to offer a group lesson, we will suggest that you join an Advanced Group Lesson. Usually if you are too advanced to fit into the group, we would recommend that you took private lessons. Your instructor will be able to recommend this to you on your first day.
    Children's Group Ski Lessons
    1½ hour am and 1½ hour pm - 3 or 5 days.
    Running during school holiday weeks for children aged 5 and over, lessons are in groups of 8 or less. Children are matched to be a similar age and level and wherever possible we match children's lessons to the timings of their parent's lessons. See also Family Ski Weeks.
    Private Ski Lesson
    1½ hour sessions
    Book an instructor just for you and one other. The lesson will be tailored to suit your needs. (Group lessons are better than private lessons for beginners and less experienced skiers, who benefit from the extra supervised practice of a group lesson. Private lessons are more useful to the more advanced skiers who want to work on a specific part of their skiing).
    Private Snowboard Lesson
    1½ hour sessions
    English-speaking snowboard lessons for you and up to 2 additional people.
    Adaptive Ski Lessons
    Experienced adaptive instruction is available exclusively to disabled Redpoint guests, from beginner to advanced level. See Adaptive Skiing for more details. Please note that all group lessons run from Sunday to Thursday, with no lessons on Fridays. Friday is the day for free skiing with your friends & family, trying out your new-found skills. If you plan to take less than 5 days of instruction, then please start on Sunday and finish early. If you'd like to take a day off then please take it at the end of your lessons. This is for your own benefit and that of the others in the group, as for the group to be successful and progress at the same rate, you all need to be together - taking a day off in the middle means you get behind the others. For the same reasons, it is not possible to join a group mid-week.
    Redpoint Instructors are all english-speaking and hired from Skischule Total in Fuegen and teach exclusively Redpoint guests.
    Instruction:3 Days5 Days
    Beginner Group Lessons£113£135
    Intermediate Group Lessons£98£120
    Advanced Group Lessons£98£120
    Children's Group Ski Lessons£113£135
    Instruction:Per lesson
    Private Ski Lesson (max 2 people)£82
    2 Sharing - £41Per Person
    Private Snowboard Lesson (max 2 people)£96
    2 Sharing - £48 Per Person
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