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    Adaptive SkiingOur Adaptive Programme has been introduced to provide people with a physical or learning disability the opportunity to ski. Specialized equipment and lessons with a qualified, experienced instructor can be pre-booked when making your holiday reservation.
    The main aim is to enable a family or group of friends to go skiing together with their disabled friend or relative, with the ultimate goal of everyone skiing together. This can be achieved by teaching the disabled person to ski independently, and/or teaching a family member to assit as a buddy and so enabling the two people to ski together independent of outside help.
    The level of independence achieved varies depending on the level of disability and the skiing ability of the 'buddy', so lessons for both the disabled skier and the buddy are offered.
    Each holiday is tailored to suit your needs, so we ask you to complete an information sheet and discuss your needs with our specialist before making your reservation. Please be honest and realistic when discussing your needs with us, give us all the details so that we can plan for your stay, as it is often not possible to change the arrangements once they have been booked.
    Adaptive Skier Level:
    • Beginner to Advanced - Lessons are tailored to your requirements. Your instructor will adapt equipment and instruction to suit your needs.
    Buddy Courses:
    • Buddy Skills Private (1 x 1½ hours) £55
    • Buddy Personal Improvement (2 x 1½ hours) £110
    Adaptive Ski - Instruction Prices
    Lesson OptionsPrice
    Adaptive Private (1 x 1½ hours)£86
    Adaptive Beginner Pack (5 x 2½ hours with Monoski or Biski Hire)£413
    Adaptive Beginner Pack (5 x 2½ hours for 2-Track)£236
    Adaptive Beginner Pack (5 x 2½ hours for 3 or 4-Track)£277
    Adaptive Intermediate Pack (5 x 1½ hrs with Monoski or Biski hire)£366
    Adaptive Intermediate Pack (5 x 1½ hours for 2-Track skiers)£157
    Adaptive Intermediate Pack (5 x 1½ hours for 3 or 4-Track skiers)£199
    Tailor-Made Holidays:
    We create a holiday to suit you, Your holiday can be tailor-made to suit your requirements, so if you can’t see your ideal holiday listed amongst our offers above, call the booking hotline and tell us what you are looking for. We will be pleased to put a holiday package together for you.
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