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    Our Flights to match your BASI Course Package.
    We can book flights for you to match the Package. These are usually flights with scheduled airlines from any major UK airport into Munich Airport, such as Lufthansa, Easy Jet, KLM or BA. We also book charter flights from regional UK airports into Innsbruck. Call the booking hotline to find out flight options from your preferred airport for your chosen dates. Please note that we are only able to sell flights departing or returning to UK airports. If you are travelling from overseas, please see below.

    Own Flights to match your BASI Course Package.
    You can book your own flights, but please ensure that there is a seat on the transfer bus held for you before you book your own flights by checking with the Redpoint Booking Hotline. Easyjet fly to Munich, Ryanair into Salzburg, otherwise BA, Lufthansa or KLM are often as cheap but have more arrival times that will match the transfers to Hintertux.

    Travelling from Overseas
    If you are not travelling from the UK, you can book your own flights into Munich, Salzburg or Innsbruck and arrange to join an airport transfer. Please ensure that you have held a seat on a transfer bus for the correct time and airport before you book your own flights - by checking with the Redpoint BASI Booking Hotline on 0345 680 1214, or by e-mailing basi@redpoint.co.uk

    By Train
    The nearest main line station is called Jenbach and is situated between Worgl and Innsbruck. (If you are travelling from Munich/Salzburg direction, Jenbach is before Innsbruck). If you are travelling from France or Switzerland there are direct trains from Zurich through Innsbruck which is about 20 minutes before Jenbach. There will be a shuttle minibus from Jenbach to Hintertux running on certain dates, so call us if you'd like a lift from Jenbach station direct to your hotel in Hintertux (45 minutes drive). Alternatively, from Jenbach it is possible to take the narrow gauge Zillertal train up as far as Mayrhofen. From Mayrhofen there is a regular bus service running to Hintertux. Note that connections are very good during the day, but it becomes more difficult when arriving in the late evening, so please check the timetable.

    The journey to Hintertux takes approximately 10 hours to drive from Calais. It is mainly motorway driving, with the final hour being on smaller roads and the last 20 minutes involve climbing up to the top of the valley to Hintertux. In Autumn, Winter and early Spring, chains are often needed to get up to Hintertux, suitable tyres for the conditions (winter tyres) are required by law from 1st November until 15th April in Austria and Germany.

    If booking your own flights, please call us first to reserve a seat on the transfer, as the number of seats departing at each time is limited. No place can be guaranteed for you until you tell us your arrival and departure times, regardless of whether you have paid for a transfer or not.

    Transfers are only included free with the package when travelling at the pre-arranged times listed below. If you choose to travel at other times we may be able to offer you an alternative transfer at an additional fee, please ask for a quote.

    Approximate transfer schedule for included packages(subject to availability):

    ARRIVAL (Munich to Hintertux) transfer dates and times:
    On the following dates, the “FREE” transfer departs Munich Airport for Hintertux at 17.30 (suitable for flights landing before 16.30). There is an earlier transfer option departing at 11.30 (suitable for flights landing before 10.30) for a supplement of £25.
    • Sat 15th April
    • Sun 16th April
    • Sat 22nd April
    • Sun 23rd April
    • Sat 29th April
    • Sun 30th April

    DEPARTURE (Hintertux to Munich) transfer dates and times:
    On the following dates, the “FREE” transfer departs Hintertux for Munich airport at 08.00 (suitable for flights departing after 12.30). There is a later departure option at 14.30 (suitable for flights departing after 19.30) for a supplement of £25.
    • Sat 22nd April
    • Sun 23rd April
    • Sat 29th April
    • Sun 30th April
    • Sat 6th May

    We are able to offer you a cheaper group rate transfer by matching you together with other BASI members. This can mean that the schedule changes once we know everybody’s flight details, meaning that you may have to wait for others. We do aim to keep the timings as convenient as possible for everyone. Transfer timings and meeting points are usually confirmed within a week of the transfer date by e-mail.

    Transfer Prices (when not included in the package): If you book the package but do not arrive in Munich at the pre-arranged times, or if you do not book the package and just want to book the transfer only, then transfer prices will be charged as follows:

    Munich - Hintertux (one-way) £48, return £80
    Salzburg - Hintertux (one-way) £89, return £162
    Innsbruck - Hintertux (one-way) £25, return £49
    Jenbach - Hintertux (one-way) £25, return £49

    We can sometimes quote you for transfers with other airport taxi companies, who charge different rates to those above if we can not supply you with a transfer ourselves, so please see your quote for the correct fare for your chosen transfer.

    All transfers are subject to availability.

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