• Already Booked?
  • Already Booked?
    What to expect after making your booking
    Once you have paid your deposit to make your holiday reservation, please provide us with the following information so that we can complete your booking:
    • Your travel insurance details (Insurance Company, Policy Number, Expiry Date, Emergency Number).
    • Your final balance payment (due 10 weeks before your holiday departure date).
    What Next?
    We are here to help if you want to:
    • Add special requests to your booking
    • Make changes to your booking
    • Cancel your holiday or re-book for alternative dates
    • Add extra resort services
    • Book your airport parking in the UK or arrange an airport hotel
    We are also happy to help you with:
    • Advice on the area, the accommodation and the resort
    • Advice on what to bring with you
    • Your plans for specific excursions or activities
    • Help making your travel arrangements
    ...And any other questions you may have.