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    The Redpoint Team Story
    The resort team at Redpoint have always been dedicated to helping you to make the most out of your ski trip, whether you are bringing your family, or travelling alone. Whether you are learning to ski for the first time or a regular skier, we strive to ensure that you really enjoy your skiing and also have a fabulous holiday that is everything that you want it to be.

    Alongside Greg and Nina, who founded Redpoint in 1995, the faces on the team have changed over the years as in most seasonal jobs, but each instructor, rep or driver has always aimed to go that extra mile to make your trip a successful holiday experience.

    From the very beginning our aim has been to share our love of snowsports and the Ziller Valley in Austria with as many people as possible and to make it as easy as possible for everybody to get involved.  That's why in addition to providing the whole package holiday, we have always encouraged learning through taking ski lessons or guiding with the team to get the most out of your trip and encouraged new people into the sport, including those with a disability, who may not have thought it would be possible to join in.
    Over the years we have met customers and groups who we have welcomed to the area and got to know over many ski trips.  They have been the main drive and inspiration for Redpoint and created an atmosphere of friendship and inclusion that we strive to uphold.

    In June 2016 we celebrated 21 years of Redpoint together with our regular customers, suppliers and friends and look forward to further successful winter seasons to come.